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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My name is David Wrzesinski, and I'm finishing up my 36th year in education. I've been fortunate to have served many roles as an educator in both public, private, and higher education. I've served as a Classroom Teacher, Coach, Special Educator, Campus Administrator, District Administrator and School Safety Director for the past 13 years. For the past three years I was fortunate to have the opportunity to focus solely on School Safety, after I retired and rehired as the Director of Safe Schools at Robinson ISD. Just like many of you out there my role as safety director at my Medium sized district(4A), involved several other jobs or duties, working as Asst Principal, Principal, and Special Services Director.

Even at the Large schools and Districts many of you are often assigned additional responsibilities. ISD Police chief , Operation directors, Superintendents, Asst Superintendents and even teachers are often assigned the role of Safety Director or Coordinator in addition to their primary role .  School Safety today is nothing what it was 10 or even 5 years ago. The resources, training, and singular focus has not changed with the increased responsibility.

I'm partnering with my son Joshua Wrzesinski to build and maintain His experience in the classroom as a public school teacher, professional coder, and web designer will allow us to build a robust resource for you and your colleagues in school safety.   We will also incorporate input from many school safety leaders and First responder agencies across the state, as we tap into their valuable experience.   Our site is your site, and it will initially be designed with all the things that I have found helpful over the years to make this job more efficient, and effective.

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Site Goals and Objectives

The increased focus on School violence and active attacks has hastened the need for better laws, regulation, oversight, planning, and management of school safety.  For many of you working in school safety, your "other jobs" have not gotten any easier or less stressful. As I have shifted into a "Part time roll" I have spent numerous hours picking the brains of other safety leaders and administrators perfecting what we do here at my District. Along with advising others on what they can do more efficiently, I find myself reminding directors on what deadline looms, or what new regulation that is coming.  That time spent with others has taught me that people are looking for time savers and any kind of definitive help to better organize the process of managing todays school safety.

     Yes there are some safety sites that provide good information and I rely on them heavily. The problem with many of these sites is that they are often difficult to navigate, decipher, and locate what you need. They also do not allow for interaction and collaboration among your fellow safety professionals.  I have the knowledge and experience to know where that key information is at, and how it can be accessed quickly, and I'm learning more each day I search. 

    Our site will condense and group key links from TEA, TXSSC, NTAC, DPS, "I love you guys foundation", and much more to make your job easier. We will be responsive to members who ask for additional information or shortcuts, templates, examples of EOPS etc. we will add them. Your Free membership subscription with your district or agency email, will also allows us to create a more private and exclusive venue for safety leaders, where you are free to discuss and learn from each other.  Become a member and help us help you. Thanks for all you do for our kids and staff safety in K12 Schools.

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